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    Pallet Man News - Home Page  -  the Ongoing thoughts Of disgust.        october.  From Facebook...   sid Branch i am Absolutely Amazed And Impressed That One Black Man Can Single-handedly Cause The Shut Down of American Government by Writing (apparently Written on His Own - as Given Authorship) a New And Revolutionary Healthcare Act, And Was Also Supposed to be an it Manager And Create a Super Computer Application 'app' That Would Handle The Millions of Inquiry And Responses That Resulted From The Web Traffic. While This Goes on we Have Had Two People Shot And Killed Because This Same Black Man Aka 'the President', Has Been Tracking Them - Their Families Interrogated Relentlessly - And Not a Mention (yet) This Morning About a Still Unidentified Man Who Set Himself on Fire - at The Washington Mall - in Broad Daylight But We're Still Not Sure What is Going On... And There Are Questions About 'what to Do' And I've Seen One Comment Suggesting a Parallel to The Arab Spring And Have we Forgotten That The Usa is Governed by The People... Uh, That's Us. And, Even Republican Peter King is Going Against His Own Grain by Defending Some of The Black Man's Actions (on The Terror Front). Unbelievable... Did Anyone Really Think Voting in Mr. Barack Obama Would be This Exciting! oh Yea, And During All This he Even Weighed in on Whether or Not The Football Team - The Redskins - Should Change Their Name. Yup, i Think Joel is Right, There Has Been a Shift. God Bless America. connie Williamsi Hope You Are Being Sarcastic Because That's How I'm Reading It! sid Branchnot Really - Just Watching The tv News And The Talking Heads Which 'blame' This Shutdown Solely on "obamacare" Which is an Insult to Everyone Who Simply Wants to be Able to go to The Dr. And Have Treatment if Needed - Regardless of Ones Status in Life. it is The Affordable Healthcare Act And Hopefully it Will Cover Mental Health Issues as Well... connie Williamsthat's What i Thought You Were Saying, How People Blame 1 Black Man With All His Super Powers..  august.  Another Entry.   i Sat With a Friend Having Coffee For Awhile on a Sunday Afternoon Until The Rain Started And we Both Left For Our Apartments.  During Our Conversation we Agreed That Politics Were Not so Important to Talk About Since Our Views Are Quite Different on Some Matters.  i Would Like to Make That Agreement With Most People And That Includes my Friends However to Isolate And Ruminate Alone Will Not Create The Positive Vibe That i do Believe is Necessary Just About Now.  we Need to Show Support to The Kids And The Many Men That Also Get Harassed - Way Too Often And in an Uneven Manner.  the Tool That Commissioner Ray Kelly Says he Pioneered And Uses Can Pinpoint Where to Concentrate The Strategic Deeds Undertaken by a Staff of Diverse Officers.this Toolbox Includes The Use of Quotas Which Are Also Justified Through The Use of Simple Logic And, as Mr. Bloomberg so Diplomatically Pointed Out Recently, Mathematics -  That You Probably Don’t Understand.  Well, Neither of my Degrees Were in Math And i Did Drop The Middle School Class That Sought to Teach me The If/ Then Rules of Logic And How Two Truths do Not Always Equal a Valid Answer however i Think That What he is Saying is That to Catch The Most Fish One Needs to Cast a Wide Net - Even if That Means You Will Get Many Kinds of Fish That You Don’t Want.     –        This Tool, This Information, is Given to us as Proof That The Young Black Males Located in Certain Areas of The Five Boroughs Are Indeed The Worst Violators of All Citizens in New York City.  However, Not to Worry, These Potential Criminals Are Not Going to do Harm to The Remaining Majority of People – The Data/ Statistics/ Info Shows That They Will Most Likely do Their Killing to Other Young Black Males.  –        The Data Reveals The Probability That Each And Every Day When These Young Males Leave Their Substandard Apartments Where They Live With Some Family Persons, They Are Carrying a Weapon – a Weapon Commonly Called a Gun.  a Gun That Will be Used to Shoot Their Opposing Gang That Apparently Has Done Some Infringement to Them.  Headlines Reveal That These ‘gang-bangers’ Are Dangerous Because They Are Poor Shooters And Usually it is an Innocent By-stander That is Killed or Injured. –        And This, Says Mr. Bloomberg And Mr. Kelly, is Why The Nypd Does Stop, Question And Frisk.  to Take Away The Guns And Protect The Innocent ‘others’ Who Might be Harmed And The Random White Person Who Would be Robbed or Raped by a Gun-wielding Criminal.  to Not Return to The Bad Old Days of The 70’s or 80’s. i Think Mr. Kelly is Not Really The Author of This Logic Concept and The Problem is That People Can See More Than Those Numbers.  i Appreciate That City Politicians And Planners Make Their Decisions Based on Detailed Demographics That Have Divided All Areas Into Race, Age, Education, Income And Occupation But That is Not The Issue – The Data on Neighborhoods Where These Young Black And Brown Males Live Are Mainly From Census Data And Using These Numbers is Certainly Not Racist – it is Just The Way we do Business in America. i Might Suggest That to Use Such a Specialized Police Force That Has Powerful Surveillance Resources on All Levels And More And Better Fire Power Than Even The us Military is Quite Wasteful.  i Also Believe That to Criminalize People, Especially The Children, That Have Had The Unfortunate Luck to be Born Into a Zip-code of Doom is Ethically Wrong And Displays Rather Poor Sportsmanship; Any Fool Knows That Shooting Fish in a Barrel is Unfair.  Maybe That Is, in Part, What The Good Judge Alluded to And Thought About When Ruling The Stop, Question And Frisk Procedure – as Used by The Nypd – an Unconstitutional Act.  instead of Heavy Handed Policing Perhaps The City Leaders Could See The Neglect That Has Occurred in These Specific Areas And Create Hardy And Aggressive Attempts to Resolve The Blatant Problems That Your Numbers Show.  Many of The New York City Housing Authority Properties in Certain Neighborhoods Are in Great Disrepair Due to a Lack of Maintenance Routines And Safeguards Taken For The Security of The People Who Live There.  to Allow The Deliberate Decline of These Areas is Morally Wrong.  in Fact, if Mr. Bloomberg Were to be The Far-reaching And Creative Businessman That His Money Bag Filled With Billions of Dollars Reflects, Wouldn’t it be Fascinating if The Next Digital or Online Phenomena Were Located in Thebrownsvilledistrict.  Think of The Tax Breaks to Renovate And Build on Blocks of Broken Down Building Spaces And The Hundreds of New, Untapped Minds Waiting For Incentive to be More Than Bleak Reports at a City Council Meeting.  i Hear Mr. Zuckerberg is Ready to Develop a New Lower Priced Model of Some Popular Hand-held Device And, What a Game Changer if The East New York or East Flatbush Kids Were The First to Receive The Test Devices;  what if The Old Domino Sugar Factory In brooklyn Was Where The Product Packaging Took Place;  what About Using The Bronx as Another Distribution Site – With Access to Major Freeways And Laguardia Airport For National or East Coast Connections. mayor Mike Has Had a Very Limited Scope Ofnew York Cityand The Potential of The Entire Five Boroughs.  The Density of Lowermanhattanwill Continue to Grow as The Towers Are Completed, as The Financial District Returns to a Former Glory, The Tourists Come to See The Museum And People Shop And Live in a New Environment of Peace And Community.  i Know i Sound Like a Dreamer And What if i am – What if i am – I’m Not The Only One.      july 2013. trayvon, The Economy And Housing Prices And Cars.  What Did or Didn't The Black, African-american President Say?  I'm Still With Y'all.  Yup.  Good Cause Endeavor Still Going On, oh Yes, Lord be With us All.  Lord i Give it Up!  Alright.  There Will be Some Preaching Yet, i Just Saying... as we Are Human Enough And The Plague Hasn't Taken Us, Let's Try to Get More Humane And Live More Peacefully. yeah, Even I, the Longtime Cynic - Proposing There Needs to be Some Kind of Order, Just Enough to Understand That Using Small Firearms Within City Limits is Not Ok.   as For The Other Side, You Should Know That Shooting to Kill Should Be the Second Shot - Unless You Are Really, Really, Really, Really scared.  And, i Think if You Are That Scared - You Ought to be Home in Some Kind of Transitional Housing With Great Security to Keep Your Paranoid Self Tight.     this is my Thoughts on a Practical Community Level.  This is a State of Emergency.  at The Federal Level. i Know That Sounds Big And Dramatic And That's How it is in my View.  a Slow Onset Usa Civil Unrest.   people Are Beginning to View The Past Behavior Toward The Men of Color in This Country as Agregious.  There Are Fewer People Who Believe That White Homogeneous Living is Better And Possible.  i Don't Have Any Good Conspiracy Theory And You Know What You Know, i am Just Putting Together 2 + 3, Etc. explore This Website And Come Back on Occasion.    ==++++++======++++++++++++++++================================++++++++++++===  i Still want to Find a Permanent Display Home For the Postcard Collection From the life of my Mother, Loris Marie ...       

    Free Ad:   Thanks To Zach Saber In Tucson, Az.   He Gave Me Great Advice During The Recent Heat Wave. .   I Was Reminded About Electrolytes (gatoraid Yes or E...
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